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Chelo-Kabab- A Tradition

A kid or a teenager or an oldie or adult, chicken lovers spread all over the globe. This particular meat is liked by most of the people. It can be cooked in various forms, you can fry it, sauté it, bake it, toss it, or steam it. In different dishes, its flavors may be changed, but its flesh is rich in protein as well as low in fat in every form and moreover, Chicken is digested easily.

chelo kabab

Chelow Kabab or Chelo-Kabab is the proud national dish of Iran. This particular meal is simple that is involved with saffroned, steamed Persian rice along with kabab. Today, the particular dish is served throughout Iran, but traditionally, it was involved with the northern part of the Country. Chelo-Kabab is served with the fundamental Iranian meal accompaniments along with the grilled tomatoes on the side of the rice, as well as butter on top of the rice. Powdered sumac (Somagh) is also made available, and it can be spread (sprinkled) on the rice. Probably, the dish has been originated from Tabriz. It is considered as an old north-western tradition to place a raw egg yolk on top of the rice. This method is strictly optional as well as no longer in-fashion now. In fact, most of the restaurants don’t serve the rice in this way, unless specifically requested.

The chelo kabab recipe is one of the many varieties of Iranian kebab.  The particular dish is basically served with lots of accompaniments, such as sumac powder, butter, basil, grilled tomatoes, onions, and egg yolk. The traditional beverage that is served with chelow kabab is doogh. Doogh is an Iranian yogurt-based drink and sometimes, it is also made of carbonated water. Everyone is just crazy for the rice in this dish. It starts as a plain rice pilaf; it is very buttery as well as tasty. It is associated with fresh onion juice that is used in order to give a richer aroma (than the chopped onions) in the meat marinade. Saffron helps to make the kebab elegant. If saffron is not available, then 2 teaspoons ground cumin along with 2 tablespoons ground coriander can be added as substitutes. Currently, there are various chelo-kabab restaurants in Tehran. It is very unfortunate that the chelo-kabab has not been registered as an international food.

Some of the similar types of dishes are as follows:

·        Chicken Barg: The kabobs are served with a bed of saffron rice, parsley, charred tomato, flatbread, and onions. It is featured with grilled thighs as well as tenders marinated in onion juices.

·        Boneless chicken kabob: This boneless version is also regarded as "spineless" as it lacks the juice and flavor of the bone-in versions.

·        Chicken Koobideh: It is associated with ground chicken rather than whole pieces and when it is served with the combination of Chicken Barg, it is called Chicken Soltani.

So, if you want to know how to make Chelo Kebab and other this type of recipes, then you can search them on different websites.








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